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The Youth MOVE National Peer Center


Across the country, recovery-oriented services and consumer run organizations, including youth and family- run organizations, are increasingly seen as vital supports within the mental health service array. Youth MOVE National’s Peer Center was established in July 2020, with grant funding support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. As a youth-run peer organization, YMN honors lived experience and recognizes the value of both traditional and non-traditional supports. We serve peers across the lifespan, their families, and providers of all ages, to grow the youth peer movement across the United States. As one of five funded Centers, we look forward to collaborating with our partners to improve and sustain the implementation of peer and recovery-oriented services and supports. 

Youth-Run Program Support

Youth Peer support

Youth Leadership Development

Professional Development & education

Peer-to-peer networking opportunities

What we offer

The Youth MOVE National Peer Center is here to assist with all of your peer support needs!

Direct technical assistance

We offer responsive technical assistance with a tiered menu of options to make a long-lasting impact on all of our partners.

learning communities

We host an annual learning community that brings together peer and provider organizations to make promising measurable changes to mental health service systems.

product development

We disseminate resources to share information about mental health, youth peer support, recovery supports like supported education and medication management, and promote new ways of thinking about youth rights and voice in treatment services.


We deliver a variety of training and education opportunities, both virtually and in person to enhance youth program development.

Need Assistance? Request Support

We are able to provide training, technical assistance, and coaching support to anyone seeking to integrate or strengthen recovery-oriented services and supports. Our staff has a diversity of experience and skills and we look forward to supporting the growth of the youth peer and recovery movement. Click the button below to request TA. 

I love how my experience with Youth MOVE has brought me together with other young adult leaders and gotten us all more involved in our community on a common issue: mental health.
- Leah Ganssle, Youth MOVE Virginia

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