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The Youth MOVE Peer Center is part of a network of technical assistance providers through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 

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Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery

The Copeland Center works with diverse facilitators from around the world and across the life span. This gives us the unique ability to meet various needs by tailoring workshops, coaching and consultations to help you reach your transformation goals.  The Copeland Center offers technical assistance in creating and maintaining WRAP programs through in-person visits, telephone consultations and webinars. Topics include:

  • Using WRAP with kids,
  • Using WRAP with transition age youth,
  • Supervision of peer specialists and peer workers,
  • Trauma informed care,
  • WRAP and work-related issues,
  • WRAP and integrated health services,
  • WRAP and peer support, and
  • Many more topics to fit your needs.

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Café TA Center

The CAFÉ TA Center is a program of The Family Café, a cross-disability organization that has been connecting individuals with information, training and resources since 1998. The Center is supported by SAMHSA to operate one of its five national technical assistance centers; providing technical assistance, training, and resources that facilitate the restructuring of the mental health system through effective consumer directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses across the country.

CAFE TAC is here to provide mental health consumers and their grass-roots organizations with information, training, networking opportunities and support as they seek to advocate for themselves and transform the mental health system of care to allow for and encourage genuine consumer involvement and peer leadership. We believe that  better outcomes among Americans with serious mental illness will result from putting consumers with real world experience at the center of the mental health system of care, and we are here to provide the tools and expertise to make that happen.

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National Empowerment Center

As a consumer/survivor/ex-patient-run organization, we carry out our mission with authority, as each of us is living a personal journey of recovery and empowerment. We are convinced that recovery and empowerment are not the privilege of a few exceptional leaders, but rather are possible for each person with lived experience. Whether on the back ward of a state mental institution or working as an executive in a corporation, we want people who are mental health consumers/survivors/ex-patients to know there is a place to turn to in order to receive the information they might need in order to regain control over their lives and the resources that affect their lives. That place is the National Empowerment Center.

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South Florida Peer Support Network

Here at Peer Support Coalition of Florida (PSCFL), we are passionate about peer support because through peer support, we have the opportunity to role model our own recovery and offer hope and a sense of belonging within the community to those seeking recovery for themselves. Through self-help and mutual support, peer support facilitates personal growth, wellness promotion, and recovery while honoring one’s strengths, needs, and personal choices.

PSCFL is a peer-run nonprofit organization led by peers in recovery dedicated to advancing peer support alongside other peers, peer specialists, family members and friends of peers, state and local leaders, employers, and community partners who also believe in peer support and recovery.



The Family Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA) serves as the national representative and advocate for family-run organizations and their executive directors, and supports effective stewardship of family-run organizations. FREDLA informs its members on current and emerging policy issues, provides education on research and other program findings and best practices, provides or facilitates professional development opportunities and other consultation and technical assistance, collaborate with stakeholders and facilitates peer-to-peer sharing across member family-run organizations.

The YMN TA Center is partnering with FREDLA to infuse the lived experience of family members into the Center. As partners, they will co-answer any requests related to family engagement