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Issue Briefs

Our issue briefs take on a contemporary topic surrounding youth engagement and peer support and provides a deeper conversation with resources.


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Learning Community

Our learning community is a space to learn from others who are doing innovative things in peer support in their community!

Issue Briefs

Issue Brief #1

Adapting Youth Engagement & Youth Peer Support During a Pandemic

This issue brief highlights strategies to support and engage youth and young adults during the pandemic. COVID-19 is a high-risk disease that has had a significant impact on the mental health and overall well-being of youth and young adults aged 16-25.

Issue Briefs

Issue Brief #2

The Role & Value of Medication

This issue brief explores how medication can be one effective tool for managing health, mental health, and substance use challenges. When deciding to take medication, youth and young adults can identify a list of people to have on their team to support them in this process. 

Issue Briefs

Issue Brief #3

Support of Youth & Young Adults During the Transition Years

This issue brief reflects on the results of a national survey of families with a youth or young adult with behavioral health needs and span topics including financial support, crisis response, and situations surrounding living with family. 

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